2017 Investment Forum Company Presentations - Coulter Investment Forum
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2017 Investment Forum Company Presentations

2017 Translational Partners Investment Forum

Presenting companies:


Angiopharma is developing a novel once-monthly, self-injectable, sub-cutaneious inflammation targeting drug candidate for atherosclerosis.

Autism Diagnostic Technologies

Autism Diagnostic Technologies may be the first company to provide a simple, highly accurate diagnostic to identify autism in patients as young as 6 months along with which part of the brain is affected so therapy may be personalized.


The BaroFlex technology, a non-invasive approach to stimulating the baro-reflex, can be used to treat both the refractory hypertension and heart failure markets.

Breath Diagnostics

Breath Diagnostics has developed OneBreath, a simple, non-invasive breath test for the early detection of lung cancer.


Celldom has developed a unique, massively parallel, single cell pharmacogenomics system that screens tens of thousands of single cells in one experiment, identifies rare outliers, and facilitates deep sequencing of rare cells of interest for end-to-end touch points from target discovery to drug development and clinical companion tests.


Utilizing a regenerative medicine-based approach, CELLF-Bio aims to repair and reinstate the function of the injured internal anal sphincter (IAS) through implantation of bioengineered autologous innervated IAS constructs.

Context Therapeutics

Context has built a robust product engine to explore protein transport differences between normal and diseased cells to discover, first-in-class, orally available small molecules for advanced cancer, fibrosis, and neurodegenerative disease.


CryoCrate is working to revolutionize cryopreservation in the life sciences, with a focus on cells and tissues that currently cannot be maintained under medium and long-term storage conditions.

ICBM Medical

ICBM Medical has a low-cost, Instantaneous Catalytic Bio Marker technology platform that will improve patient screening and monitoring at the point-of-use for a range of critical conditions, from concussion detection to prostate cancer screening.


i-Function, through a proprietary, unique and evidence-based algorithm-driven functional skills assessment and training platform, delivered remotely on multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.), allows for restored independence, improved ability to learn new skills and higher quality of life for users.

Kerberos Biopharma

Kerberos Biopharma is focused on delivering an orally available drug, in combination with standard-of-care therapies, for patients with metastatic disease to arrest or decelerate the clinical progression of existing lesions.


Nanopore Diagnostics aims to halt the costly misuse of antibiotics with a 30-minute test that will ensure physicians know exactly what they are treating before making an antibiotic decision.


NervLok, is a patent-pending bioengineered device from NerveSolutions, placed on the ends of nerves cut due to amputation, trauma, or other surgeries that prevents the cut end of the nerve from forming a painful neuroma.

Nodus Therapeutics

Nodus Therapeutics is developing its lead immunotherapy candidate, NOD201, an engineered antibody mimic that binds to universal integrin receptors that are present at high levels on tumors and their vasculature.


Opticyte is developing a new noninvasive device to directly measure oxygenation within cells, wehre it counts.

Optofluidic Bioassay

Optofluidic Bioassay has a novel microfluidic 96-well ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbet assay) plate with demonstrated superior results in sample size, workflow and assay time using standard ELISA tests against a standard 96-well plate.

PolyCore Therapeutics

PolyCore Therapeutics LLC is a drug development company focused on products for CNS disorders such as a first-in-class therapeutic to treat motor symptoms and reverse cognitive impairment of Parkinson’s disease.

RxMP Therapeutics

RxMP Therapeutics, LLC is an emerging pharmaceutical company developing novel hemostatic agents that are designed to arrest or prevent excessive bleeding, thus reducing the need for transfused blood.

Sofie Biosciences

Sofie Biosciences is developing a proprietary diagnostic PET imaging probe that will individualize the treatment plan for cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy.


Sonavex has developed the EchoSure system to detect clots earlier and more reliably than existing methods, to help enable successful salvage following reconstructive, transplant, and vascular surgery.

Stasys Medical

Stasys Medical Corp is developing the first rapid, complete, accurate point-of-care platelet function device using patented technology that mimics the in vivo clotting process to reduce healthcare costs and save lives.


A new paradigm in cancer treatment, the TibaRay PHASER will deliver “FLASH” radiation therapy 300X faster than today’s fastest modality, enabled by the first fundamentally new accelerator science in 60 years.


The Sonoport™ System has a noninvasive ultrasound and microbubble technology platform that will enable small or large drug molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB).


XaTek intends to commercialize a handheld blood analyzer that will satisfy the market need for immediate point-of-care diagnosis of coagulability in patients taking a new generation of anticoagulants commonly referred to as Target Specific Oral anti-Coagulants.