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April 2022

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 – Coulter Investment Forum

The Healthcare Innovation Conference will now be held April 27, 2022. The event is sponsored by The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation and co-hosted by Drexel University, Penn Center for Innovation, and the University City Science Center.

Previously held in October 2019, the event is a one-day start-up pitch competition and investment forum bringing together over 30 of the brightest and innovative companies in the areas of medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics, healthcare IT, and delivery solutions.

Updates regarding the 2022 program and schedule will be posted to this site as they become available.


  • Experienced CEO
  • Executed license or option of IP
  • Solves an unmet clinical need

A documented process utilizing industry best practices to accelerate academic innovations to the market to improve patient care by reducing risk and attracting follow-on-funding.

University Partners

Boston University
Case Western Reserve University*
Columbia University
Drexel University*
Duke University*
Georgia Tech / Emory*
Johns Hopkins University
Stanford University*

University of Louisville
University of Miami
University of Michigan*
University of Missouri
University of Pittsburgh
University of So. California
University of Virginia*
University of Washington


*WHCF Endowed Programs