2018 Investment Forum Company Presentations

2018 Translational Partners Investment Forum

Presenting companies:

AsclepiX Therapeutics

Therapies for ocular diseases, cancer, and transplants that not only stop abnormal vessel growth and leakage, but also regress diseased vessels.

East River BioSolutions

Revolutionizing the $7B+ cell culture market with its first-in-class tissue-specific biomaterials, enabling faster, more accurate and actionable results for scientists working in pharmaceutical development, cell biology research and regenerative medicine.

Element Genomics

Therapies for common diseases based upon the first comprehensive platform for interrogating and functionalizing the Epigenome which contains the gene regulatory elements.


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Inscope Medical Solution

Innovative technology that optimizes intubation, improving this high-risk procedure’s efficiency, speed and cost.

Intact Therapeutics

Next-generation localized drug delivery technology for gastrointestinal diseases.

Kerberos Biopharma

Focus on delivering an orally available drug that, in combination with standard-of-care therapies, addresses the clinical progression of inflammatory diseases and metastatic cancer.

Kinos Medical

Develops first biomechanically accurate artificial ankle device and a comprehensive suite of ankle replacement systems that will significantly improve patient outcomes.

Microelastic Ultrasound Systems

Enables more effective and efficient management of both age- and disease-related changes to patients’ skin.

Nanopore Dx

Develops a smart-phone enabled platform that will take microbiology testing from controlled laboratory settings to the field where it is needed.

NephroDI Therapeutics

An early-stage pharmaceutical company that focuses on concentration disorders of the kidney. The initial clinical indication for its orally administered lead small molecule is for Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus in children, a pediatric orphan indication.


Developing LifeBubble, a device that revolutionizes umbilical catheter securement and protects the catheter insertion site to improve safety for neonates in the intensive care setting.


Develops the next generation of surgical solutions to improve and accelerate nerve repair and function.

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RxMP Therapeutics, Inc.

An emerging biopharmaceutical company developing novel hemostatic agents that are
designed to arrest or prevent excessive bleeding, thus reducing the need for transfused blood.


Developing an inexpensive, point-of-care blood test platform for underserved populations; starting with AnemoCheck, an FDA-cleared, rapid, color-based, disposable hemoglobin level test.

SFC Fluidics

Developing devices for diabetic patients to increase patient convenience that drive broader adoption. Two products are being developed, initially a highly accurate, wirelessly controlled insulin patch pump (510K path) to be followed by a disposable single-pod artificial pancreas system (PMA path).

WhiteCoat Healthcare

A technology company in an era of MACRA – new pay for performance system – and Value-based Care that brings high-quality, affordable health care to all through on-demand house calls. WhiteCoat is developing a proprietary medical informatics CRM to manage Medicare’s high- risk patients with multiple chronic conditions.


Develops a handheld blood analyzer that will satisfy the market need for immediate point-of-care diagnosis of coagulability in patients taking a new generation of anticoagulants.