2019 Investment Forum Company Presentations

2019 Translational Partners Investment Forum

Presenting companies:

Avitus Orthopaedics, Inc.

A medical device startup company that has revolutionized autograft harvesting with our flagship product – the Avitus Bone Harvester.

Boinca Therapeutics, LLC

Developing a new topical formulation for improving wrinkles and treating or preventing dermal disorders.

Breath Diagnostics Inc.

Developing a novel, patented breath analysis system to quantify cancer-specific markers in exhaled breath. 

Covanos, Inc.

C-HEART, provides the physician with clinically validated indices of coronary blood flow physiology from a static coronary CT image to determine whether the patient should undergo a catheterization or another intervention is required.

Eclipse Regenesis, Inc.

Has developed the first restorative therapy to address pediatric and adult Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS).


Developing diagnostics and therapies based on a proprietary ligand PSMA-1 that binds to PSMA cell membrane receptors overexpressed in prostate cancer and some head, neck and lung cancer subtypes and the neovasculature of most solid tumors.


An early stage cell therapy company that aims to provide a safe and effective mesenchymal cell therapy to address acute and chronic immune disorders. 


Nyra Medical, Inc.

Commercializing the cardia leaflet enhancer (CARLEN) implant and transfemoral catheter system for repair of functional mitral (FMR) and tricuspid (FTR) valve regurgitation. 

OmniSono, Inc.

A system to augment any 2D ultrasound machine, providing live oriented 2D images and oriented 3D images. 


Palmm has developed an electronic antiperspirant for excessive sweating of hands and other body parts that lasts a whole week.

Sonnest, Inc.

Developing Electrast, a voltage-activated ultrasound imaging agent that will allow clinicians to assess and monitor the microperfusion of the hart at the bed-side, in real-time, using traditional ultrasound techniques. 

Syntegrity Biomedical LLC

Delivering biologically inspired solutions to restore patient mobility. Our first product is a bioresorbable graft to improve outcomes associated with bone/tendon interface ruptures, e.g., rotator cuff tears. 

XaTek Inc.

XaTek ClotChipTM system is an in vitro diagnostic assay delivered in a handheld, point-of-care device with full connectivity that can assess a patient’s bleeding profile in minutes with sensitivity to clinical conditions where no technology can today.

ZephyRx Inc.

ZEPHYRx uses video games to increase patient compliance to prescribed respiratory therapy to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pneumonia and help COPD and asthma patients.